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The link between texting and your chiropractor

One of the biggest contributing factors to poor health in today's world, is "forward" head syndrome or anterior head syndrome (AHS). In the last few decades, this syndrome has typically affected people who were injured by serious whiplash accidents, but the number of people with this syndrome today has sky rocketed due to poor ergonomics while texting. This can cause a great deal of health problems including: pain, headaches, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction simply means, a disruption in the things that your body does naturally, ie: blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation

The average human head weighs about the same as a bowling ball. When people continuously look down at their phones, the weight of their head will straighten and ultimately reverse the curvature of their neck over time. When this happens, the spinal cord gets stretched, causing it to become thinner. This misalignment decreases signals from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain. For example, imagine a rubber band getting stretched beyond its limit. The rubber band won't break, it just gets thinner leaving less diameter for signals to flow through. Another example of this can be seen in a freeway where a lane or two has been shut down.

A more serious issue with AHS is seen when the brain stem gets pulled up into the skull. This can cause compression and pinching of different nucleus in the areas involved. If the cervical curve reverses, it is even possible to have your brain stem pulled through the hole into your skull (Foramen Magnum). This hole is much too small for the brain stem to fit through. Over time, this could lead to autonomic nervous system dysfunction and even organ dysfunction.

This structural issue is often overlooked by medical practitioners and patients are commonly misdiagnosed with an "autonomic nervous system dysfunction". This diagnosis may actually be caused by AHS and that is why correction of this syndrome is best achieved through regular chiropractic adjustments and traction therapy.

V.I.P. Chiropractic Care helps to correct and restoring the natural curve in the neck helping patients with AHS. Daily awareness is also important when it comes to keeping your phone at eye level or above, and implementing this practice each time you use your phone will dramatically decrease your risk of serious spinal and other medical problems.

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The link between texting and your chiropractor
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